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We’ll Take Care of the Cleaning.

Improve Productivity

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Professional Edge Cleaning Referral Agency of Fredericksburg

Your staff works hard all day… They shouldn’t have to clean the bathrooms too.

Nobody likes to visit or work in a dirty place but asking your staff to clean frustrates them and your customers too. They didn’t sign on to clean at the end of every day and the time they spend cleaning should be spent working for your customers. Don’t lose business & productivity to a dirty, unhealthy environment. Your customers and staff deserve more.

A better way to clean the office

Stop wasting your time and your staff’s time on trying to clean the office. Give your staff and customers a professionally cleaned environment to work in.

Let us do it for you.

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Happy Staff

A clean, healthy environment makes your staff happier and more productive.

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Happy Clients

Happy, productive staff make happier customers who become raving fans.

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Happy Boss

Raving fans and happy staff equal a happy boss. And, you don't have to clean the toilets!

Professional Edge Cleaning Referral Agency - When Your Employees are Happy You Are Happy

3 Easy Steps to a Clean Work Space


We'll visit your business and create a list of items to be cleaned.


We'll choose the right cleaner for you and schedule a date for your first cleaning .


Our team cleans your office or store without interruption to your customers or staff.

The Fredericksburg Cleaning Agency Local Companies Love.

We know you want a clean and safe environment for your staff and customers. Don’t make your untrained staff handle the job. Let our OSHA certified professionals provide you with the same clean and productive environment we provide for other small businesses just like yours.

"Professional Edge Cleaning Service cleans our [Ladysmith] Volunteer Rescue Squad. The employee is always on time and very friendly. The cleaning is very good and it is better than any commercial cleaning service we have had in the past."
Macine Williams
5-Star Google Review 5/22/2020
The National Domestic Communications Assistance Center
Red Door Pro Wash - Professional Edge Cleaning Customer
Dogtopia - Professional Edge Cleaning Customer
Ladysmith Volunteer Rescue Squad - Professional Edge Cleaning Referral Agency

At Professional Edge Cleaning, we know how important it is for small businesses like yours to provide a safe, clean, and healthy environment for your staff and your customers. It has to get done but you really don’t want to ask your staff to spend their valuable time on countless hours scrubbing the toilets and cleaning with dangerous chemicals. After all, they don’t have the training, the time, or the desire to do it right. It makes you feel like a horrible boss asking them to do it.

We believe being in business is hard enough without having to worry about cleaning the bathrooms too. That’s why we put together our easy three step process to get your place of business clean. Here’s how it works. Step one, we visit your office or store and help you decide what areas need to be addressed. Step two, we give you a quote we stand behind and schedule your cleaning day. Step three, our partners clean your office or store with no interruption to your customers and staff and provide everyone with a safe, clean and healthy environment.

Schedule a site visit today so you can stop feeling like a horrible boss and make your staff and customers raving fans.

You, your staff and your customers deserve this!