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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
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Professional Edge Cleaning’s professionally trained carpet cleaners use a hot water extraction method, also known as steam or shampoo cleaning. This is one of the best cleaning methods to deep clean carpets.

Hot Water Extraction Vs. Dry Carpet Cleaning Methods

Fredericksburg Carpet Cleaning Services - Professional Edge Cleaning ServicesDry carpet cleaning methods use chemicals to clean. Such a method is fine for maintenance cleaning but if you want the carpet thoroughly cleaned with no dry powder residue left over, then steam cleaning is better. Dry carpet cleaning methods generally uses a product that balls up, is pushed into the carpet, absorbs dirt, etc., and is then removed by a vacuum. This method only extracts surface dirt (i.e., does not get deep into the carpet) and can leave a residue.

Conversely, steam cleaning uses water heated up to 230 degrees, which kills and eliminates any allergens and bacteria in the carpet. The approach and speed at which the water is extracted from the carpet prevents it from getting into the padding. Done by professionally trained cleaners, steam cleaning is better at providing a deep clean, for disinfecting the carpet and does not leave residue behind.

Carpet Cleaning

  • 1 Area = 250 sq. ft.
  • $45/area up to 10 areas
  • 11+ Areas = $40/area
  • Deodorizer (odor eliminator) – $20/area
  • Scotch Guard Protectant – $20/area
Upholstery Cleaning Services Fredericksburg - Professional Edge Cleaning Services


  • Recliner – Between $45 (standard size) – $65 (large size)R
  • Recliner (dry clean only) – $100 due to process and solvents used to provide quality cleaning
  • Standard sofa (6 ft. long, sits 3 persons comfortably) – $100
  • Sectional sofa – $35/section
  • Small Armchair – $25
  • Dining room chair base & top – $15/chair
  • Loveseat – $75
  • Ottoman – Between $25 [standard size (2’ x 4’)] – $65 [extra-large size (6’ x 6’)]
  • Car (upholstery & carpet) – $100

Restoring Grout - Controlled Pressure Wash

Custom, microscopic cleaning process for ceramic tile that provides a “like new” appearance for floors over 3 yrs. old and/or that may have had damage from dogs/pets. [Note: Natural stone or granite, and marble requires a visit to assess job and provide a quote.]

Pricing: .60 – .75/sq. foot.; Shower tile, floor to ceiling – $120 (standard size)


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