Conditions of Service

Please read our Conditions of Service carefully. If you have any questions, please contact us at: (540) 246-0496 or email [email protected]

Professional Cleaning Technicians (hereafter referred to as Providers) scheduled by Professional Edge Cleaning (PEC) are vetted, Independent Contractors; they are NOT employees of PEC.

Providers registered with PEC are licensed, insured, have passed background and reference checks, and gone through an in-person interview.  As a result, PEC Clients have skilled, trustworthy cleaning professionals who will take great care with the Client’s home and belongings.  In the unlikely event of a conflict between the Client and the Provider, PEC will facilitate resolution between them.

PEC respectfully asks that you, as a PEC Client, review and respect the following “Conditions of Service” below.  By agreeing to use our services you are agreeing to be bound by all conditions as stated throughout this notice. 

    • Clients should pick up items prior to their booking. PEC requests that toys, clothes, etc. be put away or stacked out of the way and trash be put in receptacles.  Taking care of such tasks is typical of a maid service, not a cleaning service.  Maid service tasks can be provided upon special request at an additional cost but are generally outside of a cleaning service.
    • Providers should work without interference. Providers aim to provide quality cleaning results while staying within the expected time for the job. If Providers are subject to distractions that affect their ability to work in their normal fashion or speed, this can make it difficult for them to complete their work within the expected time estimate.  If Clients are at the home/office during service, we request they stay in a separate area so Providers can focus on cleaning. Every effort is made to work safely and cautiously, but Providers cannot assume liability for the safety of others while cleaning. This includes but is not limited to children and pets. Children should be kept out of the way and pets secured in an area where the Providers will not be working.
    • Providers assume no liability for items damaged prior to service or not properly secured. Providers will note any items damaged prior to service.  All surfaces (i.e. marble, granite, hardwood floors, etc.) are assumed to be properly sealed and ready to clean without causing harm when common cleansers are used.  Clients should ensure heavy pictures and floating shelves are properly secured.  They should also put out of the way curio or knickknack items of extreme value, (monetary or sentimental), for example, storing them in a case behind glass as able.
    • Providers do not move heavy furniture (20 lbs. or over). To avoid injury, Providers will not generally move heavy (stationary) furniture.  If Clients need assistance with cleaning behind heavy furniture, please contact PEC.
    • Providers do not wash dishes. Washing dishes is a maid service task and typically outside of our interior cleaning packages. If there are dishes left on the counter or sink, Providers will likely move them to clean the area and then move them back to where they were.  If Clients would like to add this task to their booking, please contact PEC.
    • Providers can change linens upon request. Providers can change bed linens if requested.  If Clients would like to add this task to their booking, please contact PEC and put out fresh linens on the applicable bed(s).
    • Providers dry dust blinds. Providers typically dry dust blinds but, for an additional charge, they can hand-clean (wipe down) blinds upon request.  However, if the Provider decides that doing so would damage the blinds because of the type of blinds they are or their condition, they will notify PEC who will call the Client to discuss.
    • Providers can clean behind the refrigerator. Clients can ask the Provider to clean behind the refrigerator but must ensure that the refrigerator can be moved without risk of injury to the Provider or damage to the floor or refrigerator.  If Clients would like to add this task to their booking, please contact PEC.
    • Providers are not certified to remove human, animal, or hazardous waste. Due to insurance and safety restrictions, Providers are not certified to remove any animal or human waste, bodily fluids, and construction or hazardous materials.
    • Clients should direct questions and concerns to PEC. If the Client is at the home/office and has any questions or concerns about the Provider or their work, please consider whether you should discuss them with the Provider or call PEC to discuss.  Questions or concerns about the cleaning can be directed to the Provider or PEC; those related to scheduling and pricing should be handled by PEC.
    • Clients may not solicit Providers for hire. When entering into an agreement for services with PEC, Clients agree not to solicit for hire for themselves or others any registered PEC Providers while they are a Client of PEC and for 1 year thereafter.  The Client agrees to pay PEC $5000 as liquidated damages if they breach this provision.
    • PEC uses flat-rate pricing based on industry standards. The PEC flat-rate pricing strategy assumes the property is in average condition and uses industry standards for determining the average time it takes for one Provider to clean a specified square footage range, particular rooms (i.e., bedrooms, bathrooms), and items (e.g. inside of an oven and refrigerator).  In this way, the price estimate is not dependent on the relative efficiency of the Provider.  Other factors that help inform PEC’s initial estimate include industry pricing standards for extras, and for rooms and items excluded from the cleaning.  PEC or the Client can request a pre-visit that can help refine the estimate.
    • To meet their needs, Client’s may need to add a “Heavy Duty” extra to their booking. PEC’s price estimates are “sight unseen” and – regardless of whether a pre-visit is conducted — the condition of the property when the Provider arrives is uncertain.  If the property has not been professionally cleaned in the past 30 days or has excessive buildup, knickknacks, or clutter, Clients will need to have a “heavy-duty” extra added to their booking.  This typically occurs for first- and one-time cleaning packages. Still, even after a “Heavy Duty” extra is added, if the Provider arrives and determines that more time is needed due to the condition of the property or changes to the work order, PEC will consult the Client on how they want to proceed, including paying for the additional time or reducing the number of areas or tasks.  PEC also offers hourly (priority) bookings that allow a Client to pay for a set number of hours.  Please contact PEC for more information on this type of booking.
    • PEC may need to adjust the price for recurring clients’ service over time. PEC strives to offer its Clients high-quality, reliable Providers at the best value for their cleaning dollar, while also offering registered Providers competitive compensation.  Over time, if market conditions or job parameters change that result in the need to charge a higher price for services, PEC will consult with the Client to adjust the price accordingly prior to that adjustment taking place.
    • PEC requests Clients to make booking changes by 12 PM the day prior to service. Clients can make changes to their work orders through their PEC account portal or by contacting PEC via phone, text, or email.
      • Changes to the work order.  PEC sends Clients reminders of their service 2 days and 1 day prior to their booking.  Changes the Client may need to make include how the Provider should access the property, any areas or tasks needing special attention, the details for any extras and exclusions, and other information the Client needs PEC or the Provider to know.
      • Rescheduling or cancelling a scheduled booking.  PEC and the Provider reserve a day and time especially for each Client.  If the Client must cancel or reschedule their booking after 12 PM the day prior to service, the Client will incur a $50 fee.
    • Clients must ensure the Provider can access the property. If a Provider arrives at a home/office within the scheduled arrival period and is unable to access the property, PEC will seek to reach the Client on behalf of the Provider.  Reasons Providers may not be able to access the property include, but are not limited to, the Client or their representative not being at the property to let them in or a lockbox code not working.  If PEC is unable to reach the Client within 30 minutes of the Provider’s arrival, the booking will need to be rescheduled and the Client will incur a $50 fee, which cannot be applied to the next booking.
    • The Client determines the quality of service results. PEC and its Providers always seek to provide high-quality service and meet or exceed Client expectations.  Clients are encouraged to share their cleaning expectations with PEC who will include those in the work order.  The PEC website includes information on what areas and items Clients generally request as part of a regular, deep or move-In/out cleaning.  However, it’s the responsibility of the Client or their representative, not PEC, to inspect the work to make sure it meets the Client’s expectations.  There may be times – especially on a first- or one-time regular, deep, or move-in/out cleaning – when the Client’s inspection identifies areas or items that were not completed according to their expectations.  If this occurs, the Client can request a re-clean or that PEC add a special attention note to the work order for future bookings.
    • The Provider prefers to respond to re-clean requests while still at the property. PEC requests that the Client or their representative be available to inspect the work toward the end of the job.  This is particularly true of first or one-time bookings.  That way, any re-clean of areas or items Client’s identify can be done while the Provider is still there.  Clients are asked to work with the PEC office in determining what time the job is expected to be completed.
    • Clients have until 12 PM the day after job completion to request a re-clean. Sometimes Clients are not able to inspect work while the Provider is still there.  In such cases, Providers can return & re-clean areas or items, free of charge, if the Client reports this to PEC by 12 PM the day after job completion.  If the Client reports the need for a re-clean after this period, the Client will incur a minimum fee of $50.
    • Re-clean requests must be completed within 2 days after job completion. Clients should make sure Providers can return for a re-clean within 2 days from job completion.  If the Provider is available for the re-clean within this timeframe but the property is inaccessible, the Client may be forfeiting the opportunity for the re-clean or pay a fee to have this done later.
    • PEC does not offer refunds. Because of the high-level of care PEC and Providers take to work with Clients to provide an excellent customer experience, PEC does not offer refunds. Clients are encouraged to communicate with PEC about their expectations and follow inspection and re-clean guidelines described above.
    • If they become ill, Clients should notify PEC about this by 7:00 AM on the day of service. If Clients suspect that they may have a contagious illness, they should contact PEC as soon as possible but no later than 7 AM the day of service. Doing so will allow the Provider to take extra precautions or request a re-schedule the job.  Providers will not come into your home/office if they know that they are ill with anything contagious.  Please see conditions associated with rescheduling or cancelling bookings in section III above for more information.
    • Providers should not be concerned for their personal safety. If for any reason the Provider feels that their personal safety is in danger because of actions by the Client, guests of the Client or other factors outside of the Provider’s control they will leave the job and PEC will investigate the matter with the Client; the Client may still remain liable for the full cost of the job.
    • Clients should maintain a proper temperature and ensure ventilation in the home/office. Clients are asked to follow OSHA recommendations in their home/office to ensure a temperature range of 68-76°F and humidity range of 20%-60%. Also, because cleaning is a physically demanding activity and typically involves the use of chemicals, proper ventilation while working is important.
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