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The Domestic Referral Agency Advantage

What is a Domestic  Referral Agency?

According to the California Commission of Domestic Referral Agencies, “A Referral Agency minimizes the consumer’s costs while maximizing the worker’s income by outsourcing jobs to independent contractors who are registered under contract with the referral agency. The Contractor works to their own schedule, utilizes their own acquired knowledge to complete jobs, and provides their own transportation. Supplies and equipment are provided by either the Contractor or the Client. The Contractor provides professional services, as requested by the Client, at the lowest possible cost.”

Domestic Referral Agency - Professional Edge Cleaning Services
Domestic Referral Agency Support Staff - Professional Edge Cleaning Services

Why Should Clients Work Through a Referral Agency?

  • Choice of Cleaners

    – The Client can choose to decline to work with any Contractors for any reason, ensuring a good match for the Client. The Agency is always in the process of seeking, vetting, and bringing on quality contractors.

  • Representation

    – Contractors and Clients are supported by Agency office staff to facilitate questions about services and schedule changes, freeing up time for the Client to put attention on other equally or more important matters. The Agency provides the Client a single point of contact for all questions and concerns related to the services, scheduling, and payment processing.

  • Cost

    – Depending on the referral agency, Clients’ cost for services are generally lower when compared to working with a national company that pass on higher overhead costs to Clients.

  • Contractors Are Vetted and Provide Quality Results

    – Referral Agencies use a registration vetting process for Contractors. For Professional Edge Cleaning, Contractors who perform work on jobs referred to by the Agency are required to:

    • Ensure they and/or their representatives pass a national criminal background, social security number, and sex-offender check.
    • Ensure they and/or their pass an initial drug screening and agree to random drug screenings if reasonable suspicion warrants it.
    • Have a professional (paid) experience and provide references for their work.
    • Be a legal business and carry insurance and a bond, as applicable. [The Agency also carries general liability insurance and a bond as added security.]

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What Are Some Key Attributes of Contractors Who Are Registered with a Referral Agency?

  • Have the availability to take on work.
  • Agree to guarantee their work to our clients’ satisfaction.
  • Have transportation that includes car insurance, and a valid driver’s license.
  • Are, by nature, efficient, organized, detailed, focused, and proactive.
  • Honestly enjoy cleaning.
  • Can speak, read, and write English proficiently.
  • Can provide 2-3 professional references.
  • Can pass a background check.
  • Can pass random drug testing.

Currently Registering Professional Contractors Skilled in the Following Cleaning Services:

  • Residential & Commercial Interior Cleaning
  • Residential Maid Service (clean-up, laundry and cleaning services)
  • Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning
  • Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Decluttering and Home/Office Organization
  • Residential & Commercial Exterior Power Washing (e.g., exterior windows, roofs, concrete, decks, patios, etc.)
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Lawn Care/Landscaping Services [Spring, Summer, Fall]
  • Snow Removal [Winter]

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